About the Chef….

Hailing from several generations of cooks, my love for cooking was inspired by family.  The history started with my great grandfather, who was a chef and cooked aboard cruise ships. Then on to my grandmothers who were excellent cooks as well.  My Paternal Grandmother Mercedes, made the best Sweet Potato Pies and was known throughout the Tampa Bay area for her famous pies. My Maternal Grandmother Jennie, was the one who taught me how to cook at the age of 10. As a child, I watched her cook with love and from the heart.  What I didn’t know then, is that cooking would turn into my greatest passion!  My final inspiration came from my mother whose cooking skills are exceptional. She taught me how taste and presentation was everything at a very young age. From that moment up to today, I have been perfecting those skills.

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida where there is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities ultimately contributing to the wide variety of food flavors in the area. I grew up not far from the famous Ybor City, home of the “Authentic Cuban Sandwich” and one of Tampa’s staple foods, “The Deviled Crab”.  Growing up, it was a treat to anticipate eating deviled crabs on Fridays and Cuban sandwiches on Saturdays.  As a child, I experienced rich bold flavors of Southern Soul Food, Cuban and other Caribbean Foods. I learned it’s best to expand your taste palate to get the ultimate experience with food.  Today, I view food as a piece of Art.  You take a focal piece and build upon it with layers of flavors!

How I got started….

In April of 2004, I decided to sell home-style meals to fund a trip.  I created a menu and sold meals on Saturdays, right from my kitchen! To my amazement, business took off immediately and I successfully funded my trip. Soon there became a demand for more food, so I continued selling meals earning additional money.  After 16 years of service working in the telecommunications industry, I was laid off in 2012. I was unsure of what I wanted to do next but I knew I always loved to cook and entertain.  After catering a few events for family and friends, I was motivated to start my own business.  I stepped out on Faith to attend Culinary School earning an AA in Culinary Arts.  Educated with a BA in Business Administration allowed me to start my own catering company. I credit my startup success to staying committed to my faith and what I love…. my love is cooking!  How I came up with the name “D’Lishious Cuisines?”…. It comes from what people SAY when they taste the cuisines I prepare…. “Wow this is Delicious!”